7/9/18 BBC: The Palestinian running to be Mayor of Jerusalem

4/9/18 Middle East Monitor: Family of 9 homeless as Israel demolishes Hebron home at behest of settlers

4/9/18 B'Tselem: Summer of 2018 in al-Jalazun R.C.: Israeli forces raid homes and cultural center, assault and humiliate residents and shoot passersby

1/9/18 Guardian: US confirms end to funding for UN Palestinian refugees

31/8/18 Guardian: The Guardian view on Trump’s Palestinian policy: setting fire to the ground

27/8/18 Jewish Press: Orthodox Businessmen Launching ‘Jews Only’ Housing Project in Arab Neighborhood

25/8/18 Electronic Intifada: Fury over Trump aid cuts in Gaza

22/8/18 Adalah: Israeli gov't: Knesset can make laws everywhere in the world, and can violate sovereignty of foreign states

18/8/18 Middle East Monitor: BBC bows to pressure from Israel and changes Gaza headline

17/8/18 Middle East Eye: Cancer patients' fate on the line as Gaza runs dry of medicine
16/8/18 +972: Between garbage and sewage: Israel's future plans for Khan al-Ahmar

16/8/18 AP:Israel: No criminal action in deadly Gaza 2014 war incident

15/8/18 Al Mezan Center For Human Rights: Reverse all restrictions on movement of goods through Kerem Shalom Crossing and immediately allow entry of fuel to Gaza

14/8/18 Guardian: BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate

11/8/18 Electronic Intifada: Israel destroys Gaza cultural center

26/7/18 Middle East Eye: Israeli strikes on Gaza kill three Palestinians

23/7/18 Middle East Eye: The PA, the ICC and Israel

23/7/18 Guardian: The Guardian view on Israel’s new law: popular will is being weaponised Editorial

20/7/18 Electronic Intifada: Between Israel’s bullets and bulldozers

17/7/18 BBC: Israel suspends fuel deliveries to Gaza over arson attacks

13/7/18 OCHA: Addressing rehabilitation needs of Palestinians seriously injured during Gaza demonstrations: Over 1,400 may suffer long-term disability

12/7/18 B'Tselem: #Occupation365 - Updates from the West Bank routine

11/7/18 Addameer: Joint Monthly Report: 605 Palestinians were arrested in the month of May 2018

8/7/18 Electronic Intifada: Israel blames Hamas for deaths of children its soldiers killed

8/7/18 Observer: Inside the fearful Bedouin village that could decide fate of Palestinian state 

6/7/18 Middle East Eye: Britain's pro-Israel groups can always be relied on to defend ethnocracy

6/7/18 Middle East Eye: Sisi holds key to Trump's Sinai plan for Palestinians

6/7/18 Haaretz: Farm Warfare: How Israel Uses Chemicals to Kill Crops in Gaza

3/7/18 DCI Palestine at the UN HRC: Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces with live ammunition and crowd control weapons

14/6/18 Human Rights Watch: Israel: Apparent War Crimes in Gaza

3/6/18 Human Rights Watch: Israel: Record-Low in Gaza Medical Permits

1/6/18 Middle East Eye: Palestinian paramedic shot dead by Israeli forces in Gaza

31/5/18 Sky: 'Locked in' - The devastating effects of Israel's Gaza blockade

31/5/18 Electronic Intifada: Video: Footballer shot in both knees tells Messi to cancel Israel match

31/5/18 B'Tselem: Thus shall it be done: How Israel punishes boys for protesting their confinement to Gaza

27/5/18 +972: The demolition of an entire Palestinian village could be days away

26/5/18 OCHA: Over 100 Palestinian injuries reported in Gaza during continuing demonstrations along the fence with Israel

25/5/18 Middle East Monitor: Israel bill seeks to criminalise documentation of soldiers’ actions

25/5/18 Haaretz: Opinion That Roaring Sound? It’s Palestine Unleashing a Legal Tsunami Against Israeli War Crimes

18/5/18 DCI Palestine: Defence for Children International condemns the unlawful killing of Children in Gaza and calls for urgent action

14/5/18 Haaretz: LIVE UPDATES Jerusalem Embassy and Gaza Protests: 43 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Gunfire at Border

13/5/18 B'Tselem: Plowing season 2018, Ramallah District: Settler violence serves Israel

13/5/18 Forward: My Zionism Is Fading, One Expulsion At A Time

13/5/18 Independent: Jordan's Palestinian refugee camps

13/5/18 OCHA: Humanitarian Coordinator calls for protection of Palestinians during demonstrations in the Gaza Strip and West Bank

12/5/18 OCHA: One Palestinian killed and hundreds injured in Gaza during ongoing demonstrations

10/5/18 B'Tselem: Human Rights Groups in response to government's decision to deport HRW official: There's no hiding the occupation

8/5/18 B'Tselem: Life in the shadow of the settlement of Beit El: Going to school in a state of constant peril

5/5/18 Electronic Intifada: Israel threatens Giro d’Italia protesters

1/5/18 The Lancet: The Palestinian Day of Return: from a short day of commemoration to a long day of mourning

29/4/18 The Intercept: Deconstructed Podcast: Israeli Activists Speak Out Against the Occupation of Gaza

27/4/18 OCHA Protection of Civilians Report | 10 - 23 April 2018

27/4/18 Amnesty: Israel: Arms embargo needed as military unlawfully kills and maims Gaza protesters

20/4/18: Four Palestinians killed and hundreds injured in Gaza during demonstrations along the fence

19/4/18 OCHA: Humanitarian Coordinator calls for protection of Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza alongside support for urgent humanitarian needs

15/4/18 Middle East Monitor: Israel calls for punishing those who document army violations against Palestinians

13/4/18 Guardian: Humanitarian snapshot: escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip

11/4/18 Adalah: Israel's destruction of Umm al-Hiran reminiscent of darkest of regimes such as apartheid-era South Africa

9/4/18 YouTube: The interrogation of Ahed Tamimi

8/4/18 Middle East Eye: 'No innocent people in Gaza' says Israeli defence minister

7/4/18 Middle East Monitor: Israel has killed a Palestinian child every three days for 18 years, reveals shocking statistic

7/4/18 TruthOut: In Wake of Gaza Massacre, Israeli Leaders Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes

6/4/18 OCHA: For the second Friday in succession, multiple Palestinian casualties during demonstrations at the perimeter fence in the Gaza Strip

6/4/18 +972: Medical care for children in Gaza headed for the dark ages

6/4/18 Guardian: Palestinian death toll mounts as thousands protest on Gaza border

5/4/18 Middle East Eye: Ahed Tamimi was sexually harassed by Israeli interrogator, says lawyer

5/4/18 Washington Post: After the Gaza killings, it’s time to crack down on Israel

30/3/18 Reuters: Israeli forces kill 15 Palestinians in Gaza border protests - Gaza medics

29/3/18 B'Tselem: Two weeks in Gaza: Four Palestinians, two of them teens, shot and killed by soldiers

29/3/18 DCI Palestine: No power, no supplies, no way out

21/3/18 Mondoweiss: US smooths Israel’s path to annexing West Bank


5/3/18 Haaretz: Opinion We Cannot Ignore the Baby From the West Bank

5/3/18 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Report | 13 - 26 February 2018

4/3/18 Al Araby: Israeli forces shoot dead 59-year-old Palestinian farmer in Gaza

2/3/18 PSC: A statement on Prince William’s visit to Palestine and Israel.

28/2/18 Haaretz: New Footage: Israeli Army Shot Palestinian, Left Him Without Medical Care for 20 Minutes

25/2/18 Haaretz: To Leave Gaza, Israel Asks Palestinian Minors to Commit They Not Return for a Year

23/2/18 DCI Palestine: Israeli forces kill two teenagers on Gaza Strip border

22/2/18 Almasdar News: BREAKING: Gaza declares state of emergency

22/2/18 Haartez: U.S. Ambassador Warns Jewish Leaders: Israel Could Risk Civil War if Settlements Dismantled

22/2/18 DCI Palestine: WATCH: After arrest and transfer, Palestinian children in Israeli military custody undergo pre-trial interrogation.

15/2/18 BDS: Is Israel an Aparthid state?

14/2/18 B'Tselem: January 2018: Israeli soldiers kill 5 Palestinians, 4 of them teenagers, without justification

13/2/18 OHCHR: UN rights experts alarmed by detention of Palestinian girl for slapping Israeli soldier

9/2/18 Haaretz: Opinion It's Every Israeli's Moral Duty to Resist the Occupation

5/2/18 Mondoweiss: No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn’t help peace

4/2/18 DCI Palestine: Israeli forces kill Palestinian child from close range, shoot others

3/2/18 IPS: BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

2/2/18 DCI Palestine: Year-in-review: Worst abuses against Palestinian children in 2017

30/3/18 +972: Ireland to vote on settlement trade sanctions bill

24/1/18 B'Tselem: Over 7,000 people collectively punished: Israel imposes harsh restrictions on access to village of Hizma

15/1/18 OCHA: The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | December 2017

9/1/18 B'Tselem: Not only in Iran: Israeli troops fire live ammunition during protests against Trump’s declaration, killing 10 Palestinians and injuring hundreds

9/1/18 Electronic Intifada: Is Israel testing new types of tear gas in Bethlehem?

5/1/18 Guardian: Gaza's health system close to collapse as electricity crisis threatens total blackout

5/1/18 Forward: Israel Is Now Jailing Palestinians For Posting On Facebook

2/1/18 Breaking the Silence: “No problem, beat them up – but do it behind some wall.”

28/12/17 OCHA: 2017: Energy crisis worsens; fatality toll declines

27/12/17 +972 Punished for stealing apples — not for shooting Palestinians

27/12/17 B'Tselem: Blog: Facing Expulsion (ongoing)

26/12/17 B'Tselem: Video footage: Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian young man in Hebron

25/12/17 B'Tselem: East Jerusalem: Israeli Border Police officer pepper- sprays Palestinian, 15, at close range for no reason, others arrest the father

24/12/17 +972: Seeing the forest of occupation through the trees of Nabi Saleh

24/12/17 Newsweek: I Watched Ahed Tamimi Grow Up And I Know Why She Defended Her Home

23/12/17 Mondoweiss: A day after UN vote on Jerusalem, Israeli aggression intensifies in the West Bank

22/12/17 IMEU: WATCH: Israeli forces fire at medical teams and journalists and prevent medics from treating injured Palestinians during protests near Beit El settlement today.

22/12/17 BDS: South Africa to “immediately and unconditionally” downgrade Embassy in Israel – ANC

21/12/17 BDS: Palestinians Welcome Resounding Trump and Israel Failure at the UN

21/12/17 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Report | 5-18 December 2017

20/12/17 B'Tselem: Hundreds of Israeli police raid al-‘Esawiyah in East Jerusalem, arresting 51 Palestinians incl. 26 teens

20/12/17 +972: Army arrests Palestinian teen for hurting soldiers' masculinity

18/12/17 Ma'an News Agency: Video: Israeli forces detain 2 Palestinian teeange girls at gunpoint from ambulance

17/12/17 B'Tselen: Hebron: Israeli soldier injures Palestinian, 16, in the head during settler march

13/12/17 +972: WATCH: Israeli troops taking away 7 and 8-year-old Palestinian boys

10/12/17 Mondoweiss: ‘Will the protesters turn violent?’ Deconstructing the media’s view of Palestine

5/12/17 The Canary: Britain just made history at the UN, after laying down a ridiculous ultimatum

5/12/17 Independent: Israel accused of being about to 'commit war crime' over demolition that will leave 50 Palestinian children homeless

4/12/17 Adameer: Occupation Forces Intensify Persecution of Human Rights Defenders

1/12/17 +972: The insecure residence of East Jerusalem Palestinians

1/12/17 Middle East Monitor: Israeli army imposes ‘severe restrictions’ on Palestinian communities near Hebron

30/11/17 The New Arab: Israeli army installs illegal caravans on Palestinian land in Hebron

29/11/17 Mondoweiss: American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel

29/11/17 Mondoweiss: Israel to deport 40,000 African asylum seekers ‘without their consent,’ many to Rwanda

26/11/17 +972: Anti-Mizrahi discrimination was official Israeli policy

21/11/17 OCHA: Gaza crisis: early warning indicators - October 2017

21/11/17 Middle East Monitor: Exclusive: Amnesty pledges to consider if Israel is committing apartheid

20/11/17 B'Tselem: East Jerusalem: Israeli Police arrest two Palestinian brothers, 13 and 15, and assault their mother.

17/11/17 Middle East Monitor: Israeli Culture Minister wants to fine Nakba Film Festival venue

16/11/17 B'Tselem: Hebron Routine

12/11/17 B'Tselem: Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian boy aged 13 for no reason.

9/11/17 Mondonweiss: Israeli forces target Palestinian schools, teachers in East Jerusalem and Hebron Israel

1/11/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli settlers steal Palestinian olive harvest in Nablus area

29/10/17 Electronic Intifada: FIFA gives green light to Israeli settlement clubs

26/10/17 DCI Palestine: Detained teens in Gaza highly vulnerable to abuse

25/10/17 B'Tselem: New report by B’Tselem and HaMoked on detention of Palestinian teens in East Jerusalem: Israel systemically abuses minors, denies their rights

10/10/17 Mondoweiss: Israeli Supreme Court rules to keep public in the dark about police open-fire regulations

10/10/17 Middle East Monitor: Israel to approve construction in Hebron settlement for first time since 2002

5/10/17 Middle East Monitor: Separate and unequal: How Israel segregates its own citizens inside the Green Line

4/10/17 Guardian: Netanyahu backs annexation of 19 West Bank settlements

2/10/17 Mondoweiss: Israel to seal off West Bank and Gaza for 11 days during Jewish holiday

1/10/17 B'Tselem: 40,000 Palestinians Collectively Punished after Har Adar Attack

30/9/17 DCI Palestine: Under fire in Aida refugee camp

30/9/17 +972: There is no occupation without collective punishment

29/9/17 Electronic Intifada: UN takes first step to end Israel’s impunity

29/9/17 The Elders: The Elders voice alarm at new Israeli settlement law

28/9/17 Guardian: Israel only occupies 2% of West Bank, says US ambassador

28/9/17 Middle East Eye: Roger Waters tour goes on as film targets him for Palestine advocacy

27/9/17 Forward: Israel Has Created A Palestinian Ghetto In Hebron

24/9/17 +972: There's no beautifying Israel's treatment of Palestinian children

24/9/17 B'Tselem: B’Tselem: Israel is asking the High Court’s permission to commit war crime

15/9/17 MAP: In numbers: Gaza’s healthcare emergency

15/9/17 Al-Monitor: Israel eats up more Palestinian land rights in Hebron

14/9/17 B'Tselem: Israel moves to advance forcible transfer of Khan al-Ahmar

12/9/17 JFJFP: New rules split Palestinians from foreign spouses

12/9/17 B'Tselem: Israeli military destroys dirt road to Masafer Yatta in South Hebron Hills, 2017

11/9/17 B'Tselem: Civil Administration damages power and water supply and confiscates trucks in Badu al-Baba

11/9/17 Defence for Children International: Israeli settlers beat, drag Palestinian boy in northern West Bank

5/9/17 Defence for Children International: Palestinian children bystanders faced brunt of July escalations

5/9/17 Defence for Children International: Israeli forces shoot and attempt to recruit Palestinian child

4/9/17 Haaretz: Israel's Minister of Truth

1/9/17 Mondoweiss: Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel ‘forever,’ as liberal Zionists cry out for ‘make-believe peace process’

1/9/17 Al Jazeera: How Israeli citizens are becoming stateless

1/9/17 Electronic Intifada: Video: Gaza hospitals warn of “catastrophe”

31/8/17 Guardian: Israeli diplomat who plotted against MPs also set up political groups

31/8/17 Middle East Monitor: 15 Gazans die after Israel denies them treatment

29/8/17: Electronic Intifada: EU lets Israel destroy West Bank schools it funded

29/8/17 MAP: New infographic shows the occupation’s threats to mental health

18/8/17 Breaking the Silence: A police force that secures the intruders - Does that make sense?

18/8/17 Electronic Intifada: New Jewish group in Labour Party backs right to BDS

16/8/17 Jews for Justice for Palestinians: How the JNF goes about getting land

14/8/17 Al Jazeera: Revoking citizenship: Israel's new repressive tool

13/8/17 B'Tselem: Israeli security forces endangered patients’ lives at al-Makassed hospital, East Jerusalem

11/8/17 Independent: ‘There must be another way’: Israeli 19-year-old jailed for refusing military service

10/8/17 Middle East Monitor: Cancer patient dies after Israel refuses medical referral

8/8/17 Middle East Monitor: South African parliament refuses to meet Israeli delegation

30/7/17 Mondoweiss: ‘Transferring’ Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy

29/7/17 IMEU: WATCH: Israeli army raids have intensified in the West Bank. Children often bear the brunt of such raids--and are abused by Israeli soldiers

27/7/17 Middle East Eye: 'No sweeter feeling': Palestinians party after Israel withdraws from Al-Aqsa

25/7/17 Amnesty: Israeli forces carry out violent hospital raids in ruthless display of force

23/7/17 Observer: Bitter Palestinian rivalry adds to the agony of Gaza’s vulnerable

22/7/17 AlJazeera: Al-Aqsa: UN slams Israel killings of young Palestinians

21/7/17 Middle East Monitor: Israel to demolish European-funded homes in occupied Jerusalem

20/7/17 DCI Palestine: Palestinian children incarcerated at higher rate, abuses routine

20/7/17 B'Tselem: CA confiscated water tanks and destroys pipe in Jordan Valley communities

12/7/17 Defence for Children International: Sponge-tipped bullet fired by Israeli forces blinds boy in left eye

12/7/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot, kill 2 young Palestinians during raid in Jenin refugee camp

10/7/17 UN: Reconsider charges against Palestinian human rights defender, UN experts urge Israel

7/7/17 Middle East Monitor: 3 years on from Gaza war: 70% of homes still in ruins

6/7/17 Middle East Monitor: What happened when I needed minor surgery in Gaza?

28/6/17 Middle East Monitor: Europeans call for saving Gaza patients

25/6/17 B'Tselem: Israeli navy vessel fires at Gaza fishermen, killing one as his boat fled

22/6/17 PSC: Government suffers defeat in court by Palestine campaigners over boycott, divestment and sanctions

20/6/17 Middle East Monitor: Israel continues blockade on Palestinian town for fourth day

20/6/17 Haaretz: 70% Rise in Building Starts in West Bank Settlements During 2016-17

19/6/17 +972: Humanitarian crisis looms as Israel cuts Gaza's electricity

12/6/17 Independent: Benjamin Netanyahu to crack down on Israeli human rights groups

11/6/17 B'Tselem: Settler violence: Lack of accountability Settlers attack Huwarah homes, wounding three, including 68-yr-old woman tending sheep near home

8/6/17 Gulf News: Gaza power cuts wreak havoc on environment

8/6/17 Guardian: UN human rights chief calls for end to Israel's occupation of Palestine

7/6/17 Middle East Monitor: Israeli settlers set up illegal outpost in West Bank

7/6/17 Independent: UK urged to ban 'tainted' imports from illegal Israeli settlements on 50th anniversary of Six Day War

6/6/17 PSC: A Labour government if elected on June 9th will immediately recognise the state of Palestine.

5/6/17 Al Jazeera: HRW condemns Israel's '50 years of occupation abuses'

27/5/17 Al Jazeera: Palestinian prisoners in Israel suspend hunger strike

19/5/17 The Nation:  FIFA Punts on Palestine and Fouls Its Own Bylaws

16/5/17 Guardian: Israel-Palestine: the real reason there’s still no peace

15/5/17 B'Tselem: Israel bars thousands of Palestinians from traveling abroad; many other don’t even bother to make the attempt

7/5/17 Guardian: Israeli ministers back proposed law demoting Arabic language

3/5/17 Middle East Monitor: 3,500 Palestinians without water as Israel destroys water pipelines

3/5/17 Middle East Monitor: Thousands desert HP over links to Israeli occupation

22/4/17 Electronic Intifada: Israel punishes hunger strikers for demanding their rights

21/4/17 Amnesty International: Israel must end ‘unlawful and cruel’ policies towards Palestinian prisoners

21/4/17 DCI Palestine: Palestinian children held in solitary confinement for longer periods

21/4/17 OCHA: Shutdown of Gaza’s power plant jeopardizes the delivery of basic services

21/4/17 Middle East Monitor: Report: Escalation of Israel’s racist laws against Palestinians

17/4/17 BBC: Palestinians in Israeli jails hold mass hunger strike

13/4/17 +972: The endgame lurking behind Netanyahu's new settlement policy

11/4/17 +972: Shooting and lying: A textbook example of IDF impunity

6/4/17 Al Jazeera: Israeli army 'among world's child rights violators'

6/4/17 Middle East Monitor: Major faults with UK government-endorsed ‘anti-semitism definition’

6/4/17 Middle East Monitor: Israeli Knesset approves accelerating demolition of Arab homes

4/4/17 Middle East Monitor: PA accuses Israel of war against Palestinian children

1/4/17 +972: Pushing Palestinians off their land — by pumping sewage onto it

27/3/17 Middle East Monitor: The Gaza doctor suing Israel for killing his daughters

23/3/17 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Report | 7 - 20 March 2017

23/3/17 Middle East Monitor: Netanyahu will not freeze settlements in occupied Jerusalem

15/3/17 Al Jazeera: UN report: Israel has established an 'apartheid regime'

14/3/17 Haaretz: I Arrive in Israel on March 21. Arrest Me.

11/3/17 World Council of Churches: WCC gravely concerned over Israel's travel ban

9/3/17 AJ+: Israel has blocked this Human Rights Watch representative from working in the country, claiming HRW is propaganda

9/3/17 BDS: FIFA Slammed by Human Rights Defenders for Failure to Expel Israeli Football Clubs Based in Illegal Settlements

5/3/17 Haaretz: Ministers Okay Bill Revoking Tax Exemptions for NGOs That Accuse Israel of War Crimes

5/3/17 Al Jazeera: Gaza's healthcare crumbling under Israeli siege

5/3/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli bulldozers level Palestinian lands near Gaza border with Israel

3/3/17 Middle East Monitor: US initiative supports Palestinian olive farmers

28/2/17 Middle East Monitor: Israel expands list of items banned from Gaza

28/2/17: MAP: Demolition notices: 40 homes and a school in Khan Al Ahma

28/2/17 Amnesty International: Israel: Detention of Palestinian journalist on hunger strike without charge ‘unjust and cruel’

28/2/17 Guardian: Netanyahu criticised in damning report on 2014 Gaza war

21/2/17 Independent: Elor Azaria: Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months in jail for shooting dead wounded Palestinian attacker

18/2/17 Al Jazeera: Gaza doctor seeks justice in Israeli court

16/2/17 Electronic Intifada: Congresswoman tells Netanyahu to end abuse of Palestinian children

14/2/17 B'Tselem: 2016 sees Israel demolish record number of West Bank homes

13/2/17 Middle East Monitor: Israeli president slams land grab law

13/2/17 Guardian: The senseless capture of Palestinian land is now too late to stop

12/2/17 Middle east Monitor: Israeli minister: The era of the two-state solution is over

11/2/17 palestine Chronicle: Israel Bans Delivery of Anaesthesia Gas to Gaza Hospitals

10/2/17 Huffington Post: What On Earth Is Going On In The West Bank - And How Are We Letting It Happen?

7/2/17 Al jazeera: Israeli torture of Palestinian children 'institutional'

6/2/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israel airstrikes in Gaza injure Palestnian, after rocket falls in Israel

2/2/17 Al Jazeera: Gaza: '100,000 hours of isolation'

1/2/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israel greenlights 3,000 new settler homes hours after 'Legalization bill' approved

24/1/17 Guardian: Israel announces 2,500 more West Bank settlement homes

23/1/17 Haaretz: Chinese President Calls for East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State

22/1/17 Middle East Monitor: Israel’s head of building-law enforcement lives in illegal settlement outpost

22/1/17 Yahoo: Israel approves 566 east Jerusalem settler homes

21/1/17 Middle East Monitor: Belgium to arrest former Israeli FM for “war crimes”

9/1/17 Middle East Monitor: Settlers storm Palestinian town under Israel army protection

6/1/17 Owen Jones: Theresa May backing Donald Trump over Israel is a disgrace

3/1/17 Ma'am News Agency: 2016: A deadly year in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel

2/1/17 Human Rights Watch: Israel/Palestine: Some Officials Backing ‘Shoot-to-Kill’

1/1/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli minister promises to propose annexation bill by end of January

29/12/16 Middle East Monitor: Explained: Palestinian citizens of Israel

28/12/16 Middle East Monitor: Kerry: Status quo in Israel leading to continued occupation

25/12/16 Open Democracy: The UK government’s new ‘anti-semitism’ definition conflates racism with valid criticism of Israel

21/12/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian shepherds, bird hunters in southern Gaza

20/12/16 Middle East Monitor: PA: World keeps silent as Israel kills Palestinians

17/12/16 +972: Jews, Arabs march on settler highway to protest the occupation

13/12/16 Middle East Monitor: 28% of Gazan requests for cancer treatment denied or ignored by Israel

11/12/16 Gisha: Gaza up close

10/12/16 Electronic Intifada: Will Israeli soldier get away with videotaped killing of teen?

8/12/16 Electronic Intifada: Fourth UN agency in Jordan dumps G4S

6/12/16 DCIP: Israeli settler physically assaults 10-year-old Palestinian child

4/12/16 BDS: BDS impact round up for 2016

3/12/16 Independent: G4S sells Israeli business for £88m after pressure from campaigners

28/11/16 Middle East Monitor: How The Guardian continues to exclude Palestinians from its comment pages

26/11/16 Middle East Monitor: Israel angry as France publishes settlement goods labelling rules

24/11/16 +972: WATCH: Jewish extremist tries to stab 'rabbi for human rights'

24/11/16 Independent: Man whose father saved Jews from Nazis asks Israel to take his name off 'ethnic cleansing' memorial

22/11/16 Middle East Monitor: Israeli military trial of Palestinian human rights defender to begin

21/11/16 Ma'an News Agency: Hebron-area residents face multiple demolitions within a week

20/11/16 AlJazeera: Gaza: Will the next war be the last?

20/11/16 Middle East Monitor: Norwegian city votes to boycott Israeli settlement goods

19/11/16 Days of Palestine: These Palestinian kids are facing the world's most dangerous walk to school

17/11/16 B'Tselem: The whitewash continues: The response of the security establishment to the killing of two Palestinians and the injuring of another in October 2016

16/11/16 PLO-NAD: PLO Secretary General on the Israeli raid against Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi’s Office

16/11/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces carry out spate of demolitions in Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerusalem

13/11/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israel passes 'discriminatory' law to legalize West Bank outposts

9/11/16 Middle East Monitor: EU diplomats call on Israel to end Gaza siege

7/11/16 Middle East Monitor: 82 settlers storm Al-Aqsa

7/11/16 Ma'an News Agency: Witnesses: Israeli forces attempt to drown Gaza fishing boat with wastewater

4/11/16 Middle east Monitor: ‘Israel should be held accountable for its crimes against journalists’

4/11/16 Middle East Monitor: UN: Israel guilty of arbitrary detention in case of Palestinian child

3/11/16 Middle East Monitor: Israel razes Muslim graves in East Jerusalem cemetery

3/11/16 Electronic Intifada: Israel seeks greater use of detention without trial

28/10/16 AJ+: These Palestinians farmers could only access their land for two days this year.

28/10/16 Irish Examiner: ‘Two-state solution is not dead, but it is on life-support’

27/10/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli-enforced demolitions in Jerusalem leave scores of Palestinians homeless

27/10/16 Middle East Monitor: Israel recalls UNESCO ambassador in protest at Jerusalem resolutions

25/10/16 Al Jazeera: Palestinian villages 'get two hours of water a week'

24/10/16 Middle East Monitor: Israeli settlers establish new ‘outpost’ in the Jordan Valley

24/10/16 WHO: Health Access for Referral Patients from the Gaza Strip

20/10/16 Middle East Monitor: UN official: Israel has tightened Gaza blockade, pursued demolition wave in West Bank

19/10/16 Middle East Monitor: ‘Overwhelming majority’ or Palestinian minors tortured in Israeli jails

16/10/16 Al Jazeera: 'Bad Palestinians' under Israel's collective punishment

12/10/16 Middle East Monitor: Official urges UN to end links with businesses complicit in Israeli settlements

12/10/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot, injure dozens on 4th day of violent raids into al-Ram

11/10/16 Al Haq: Facts on the ground

9/10/16 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 20 September – 03 October 2016

7/10/16 Haaretz: Bennett: We Must Act Now and 'Give Our Lives' for the Annexation of the West Bank

6/10/16 Mondoweiss: ‘An attack on local democracy’: UK gov’t and Spanish High Court issue decisions against BDS

5/10/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces level lands, trees in Hebron-area village

5/10/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli air force, army hit targets in Gaza after rocket falls in Sderot

3/10/16 Middle east Monitor: Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim worshipers

1/10/16 i24News: Israel approves 300 new West Bank settlement homes after Amona demolition order

30/9/16 Middle East Monitor: PA calls on UN to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes

30/9/16 DCI Palestine: Israeli forces shoot rubber-coated metal bullet at boy’s head

28/9/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli authorities carry out spate of demolitions across occupied territory

21/9/16 Middle East Monitor: Israeli officials admitted Geneva Conventions violations, secret documents reveal

19/9/16 Al Jazeera: US aid deal 'significant reward' for Israeli right

16/9/16 Al Jazeera: UN chief slams Netanyahu over 'ethnic cleansing' remark

16/9/16 Middle East monitor: Jerusalem mayor boasts of collective punishment of city’s Palestinians

14/9/16 Middle East Eye: Israel's 'apartheid wall' inspires more violence than it deters

12/9/16 PSC: UNISON delegation to Palestine3-9 April, 2016

11/9/16 B'Tselem: Border police undertake lineup of Palestinian children, Hebron, August 2016

11/9/16 Middle East Eye: Israeli shooting of Palestinians: The media need to check the facts

8/9/16 Middle East Monitor: ‘Israeli policies ruining what’s left of Gaza’s economy’

8/9/16 OCHA: Gaza two years on

1/9/16 Ma'an News Agency: UNRWA to launch $2.7 million project to rebuild demolished structures in Gaza Strip

31/8/16 Haaretz: Israel Approves Hundreds of Homes in West Bank Settlements

29/8/16 Middle East Monitor: Israeli army continue to flout regulations on child detainees

28/8/16 OCHA: Gaza: Two Years After

27/8/16 Middle East Monitor: Explained: Israeli Demolitions

26/8/16 Ma'an News Agency: 2 Palestinians shot in Duheisha, as Israeli commander threatens to 'disable all youth in the camp'

22/8/16 BBC: Celtic fans raise £34,000 'for Palestine' after Uefa charge

22/8/16 Guardian: Israel launches up to 50 strikes on Gaza after rocket attack

21/8/16 Middle East Eye: The media's Palestinian disappearing act

21/8/16 Middle East Eye: Israeli man buys Palestinian girl bike after soldiers threw hers away

18/8/16 DCI Palestine: Detaining dreams

17/8/16 Al jazeera: Israel to demolish Bedouin school near Jerusalem

17/8/16 Addameer: 10 Facts about Administrative Detention

17/8/16 Electronic Intifada: Video: Israelis use stun grenade in unprovoked attack on youths

15/8/16 +972: Global protests highlight severe water crisis in Gaza and West Bank

11/8/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces raid, close entrances of Salfit-area town

11/8/16 Middle East Eye: Hey Israel, give Palestinians a sporting chance

6/8/16 Ma'an News Agency: Hamas prisoners reach agreement with Israel Prison Service to end mass hunger strike

4/8/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israel passes law allowing imprisonment of East Jerusalem Palestinians ages 14 and under

4/8/16 Ma'an News Agency: Private Palestinian land under threat of confiscation for evacuees of illegal Israeli outpost

29/7/16 Electronic Intifada: Israel uses Caterpillar equipment in apparent extrajudicial killing

28/7/16 CAABU: Lord Warner's speech on Palestinian children in the House of Lords

14/7/16 Whartsupic: Proofs:Israel is the Main Purchaser of ISIS Oil

7/7/16 Middle East Monitor: UN refugee agency condemns Israel’s latest punitive home demolitions

7/7/16 Middle East Monitor: On Gaza war anniversary, Amnesty slams impunity for war crimes

3/7/16 Ma'an News Agency: Turkish ship sets off to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza via Israeli port

3/7/16 UN News Centre: Diplomatic Quartet releases report on advancing two-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict

3/7/16 Middle East Eye: UK police attempt to question Israeli politician over alleged war crimes

2/7/16 +972: [VIDEO] Not an occupation? Whatever it is, it's disgusting

1/7/16 IMEMC: PCHR Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the oPt (23 – 29 June 2016)

28/6/16 PSC: Victory for BDS as High Court rules councils can boycott Israel

27/6/16 Middle East Monitor: Food fight: Palestinians battle soldiers with Ramadan meal

15/6/16 Middle Est Monitor: EU: 95% of water in Gaza ‘unfit for human use’

11/6/16 Washington Post: Israeli minister wants to annex half of West Bank and kick out the Palestinians

9/6/16 Monoweiss: A government blacklist aimed at political beliefs — NYCLU and UCC come out against Cuomo’s BDS order

8/6/16 Breaking the Silence: I’d rather not know

8/6/16 Jewish BusineSS News: Uri Avnery: I Was There

7/6/16 Independent: New York governor Andrew Cuomo orders a boycott of anti-Israel movement

5/6/16 Electronic Intifada: The Month in Pictures: May 2016

3/6/16 Middle East Monitor: Palestinian family must pay the Israeli state to remain in own home

1/6/16 Middle East Eye: UN ‘buries’ resolution on Gaza’s environmental health crisis under US, Israeli pressure

1/6/16 +972: 60% of people arrested by Israeli police are 'non-Jews'

1/6/16 B'Tselem: Stores in al-Birah, Area A, ruined after security forces cause fire and leave, delaying Palestinian firefighters

30/5/16 IMEMC: Israel Unilaterally Reduces Gaza’s Fishing Zone To Six Nautical Miles

30/5/16 Middle East Eye: Israel holds Palestinian professor despite successful appeal

29/5/16 Middle east Eye: Israeli environment minister quits 'extremist government'

28/5/16 Mondoweiss: ‘Why is water dangerous?’ A Palestinian plea to the US Congress

25/5/16 Haaretz: Citing IDF Failure to Bring Soldiers to Justice, B'Tselem Stops Filing Compl 24/5/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israel to demolish 4 water wells, 3 structures, road in southern Nablus

20/5/16 Electronic Intifada: Ontario parliament rejects anti-BDS law

16/5/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israel dismantles EU-funded homes in Jerusalem-area Bedouin neighborhood

14/5/16 Al Jazeera: Israeli academic to use cash prize to help Palestinians

12/5/16 Visulizing Palestine: The making of Israel
25/7/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot, injure 4 Palestinian protesters near Ramallah

25/7/17 Arab News: Jerusalem on fire but where are the firefighters?

25/7/17 Ma'an News Agency: PRCS: 1,090 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces over course of 10 days

4/5/16: Jerusalem Post: IDF general in bombshell speech: Israel today shows signs of 1930s Germany

1/5/16 Sky News: Israel Accused Of West Bank 'Ethnic Cleansing'

28/4/16 Ha'aretz: Israel Rejects French Initiative to Convene International Peace Conference in Paris

27/4/16 Ma'an News Agency: Witnesses: Palestinian siblings posed no threat when shot dead

23/4/16 Mondoweiss: Another interview on Israeli TV

23/4/16 PSC: Statement: Palestine is being built out of existence

15/4/16 Defense for Children International: No Way to Treat a Child, Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system

11/4/16 Human Rights Watch: Palestine: Israeli Police Abusing Detained Children

7/4/16 +972: IDF admits discriminating against Palestinians in home demolitions

5/4/16 Middle East Eye: 'Diseased water': Gazans go thirsty as sewage and pollution poison wells

31/3/16 Ma'an News Agency: Soldier behind Hebron 'execution' to be tried for manslaughter

31/3/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israel cuts majority of power supply to Jericho district

31/3/16 Ma'an News Agency: B'Tselem: Israel killed 2 children in bed due to refusal to change policy

28/3/16 Vice News: Companies Are Leaving the West Bank as International Boycott Campaign Gains Ground

28/3/16 IMEMC: Soldiers Demolish A Home, Farm, Electricity And Water Networks, Uproot Trees, In Bethlehem

26/3/16 Ma'an News Agency: UN passes 4 Palestinian-backed resolutions in landmark victory

26/3/16 Ma'an News Agency: Gaza farmers, shepherds forced to leave land after Israeli forces open fire

24/3/16 +972: VIDEO: Israeli soldier executes unarmed, wounded Palestinian attacker

21/3/16 Ma'an News Agency: Monitor: Israel to confiscate 1,200 dunams of land in Nablus district

13/3/16 BC: Palestinian wins $1m global teaching prize

12/3/16 Haaretz: Palestinian Family Taken Into Custody; Toddler Held for Hours Outside

12/3/16 Middle East Monitor: Palestinians sue US settlement supporters for $34.5bn

9/3/16 Mondoweiss: Most Jews want to expel Palestinians — Pew’s ugly portrait of Israel

4/3/16 Independent: Israel must give Palestinians their own state, says chief of NGO funding body

28/2/16 Ma'an News Agency: Al-Qiq ends 94-day hunger strike after deal struck with Israel

28/2/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli settlers escorted by army raid village in Salfit district

25/2/16 Independent: David Cameron blasts Israel's 'genuinely shocking' illegal settlements

24/2/16 Independent: Palestinian detainees incarcerated by Israel at Shikma Prison held in ‘hellish’ circumstances

20/2/16 Al jazeera: Israel spraying toxins over Palestinian crops in Gaza

16/2/16 Mondoweiss: Still in shock from Dawabsha murders, West Bank village of Duma fears settlers will attack again

16/2/16 Middle East Monitor: Anger mounts over video showing abuse of disabled Palestinian

15/2/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot, injure 28 Palestinians during Ramallah-area clashes

15/2/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot, critically injure 14-year-old girl

12/2/16 Al Jazeera: Building the Occupation

8/2/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israel to 'close and confiscate' homes of 4 teens accused of stone throwing attacks

7/2/16 Electronic Intifada: In surprise move, France rejects Israeli drones

4/2/16 Al Jazeera: Sneaking home in Israeli-occupied Hebron

2/2/16 Middle East Eye: Israel demolishes 24 buildings in West Bank village

30/1/16 Electronic Intifada: Palestinian youths get 15 years in prison for stone throwing they denied

24/1/16 Ma'an News Agency: UK doctors call for removal of Israel from World Medical Association

24/1/16 Al Jazeera: Do all roads lead to Jerusalem? Well it depends on who you are.

22/1/16 Middle East Monitor: The ‘moderate’ alternative to Netanyahu is horrifying – and sobering

15/1/16 IMEU: Palestine: 2015 in Review

11/1/16 Mondoweiss: Ben Gurion detention guard tells humanitarian worker she is being deported for ‘trying to change Israel and make it free of racism’

8/1/16 +972: This is how settlers take over Palestinian land

7/1/16 Middle East Monitor: UK MPs speak out about Israeli detention of Palestinian children

5/1/16 IMEMC: Israelis Cut Gaza Gas Supplies

3/1/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli settlers attack Palestinian home near Nablus

23/12/15 IMEMC: Abbas: Palestinian State Passports to be Issued in 2016

23/12/15 Ma'an News Agency: 13 shot by Israeli forces, Hebron school tear gassed

23/12/15 Ma'an News Agency: UN adopts resolution on Palestinian sovereignty over natural resources

22/12/15 Ma'an News Agency: Palestinian police order Israeli forces out of Ramallah

21/12/15 +972: When Israel tortures Jewish terror suspects

21/12/15 World Bulletin: Greece votes to recognise the state of Palestine

21/12/15 Independent: Benjamin Netanyahu 'threatens to strip Jerusalem residency from 230,000 Palestinians'

19/12/15 Electronic Intifada: Israeli checkpoints kill women in childbirth, says new study

15/12/15 Ma'an News Agency: Yaalon declares war on rights group Breaking the Silence


14/12/15 Electronic Intifada: Israeli forces killing “in cold blood,” Palestinian families say

14/12/15 +972: Guess which of these soldiers is not in jail right now?

12/12/15 ma'an News Agency: Israel declares Palestinian land 'state land' for 1st time since 2014

7/12/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot 5 Palestinians during Tulkarem university demo

3/12/15 +972: The farce of catching Jewish terrorists

27/11/15 Middle East Monitor: Israel meets with Google and YouTube to discuss censoring Palestinian videos

22/11/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli protesters demand separate roads for Palestinians, Israelis

19/11/15 Addameer: Factsheet: Force-feeding under International Law and Medical Standards

18/11/15 UNRWA: Homes in Gaza

17/11/15 Haaretz: Netanyahu Approves 454 New Housing Units Beyond Green Line

14/11/15 Times of Israel: Arabs, Israelis rally behind Palestinian activist’s arrested son

11/11/15 IMEU: Fact Check: Netanyahu’s Remarks to the Center for American Progress

11/11/15 Independent: Boris Johnson banned from Palestinian charity visit after branding Israel boycott supporters 'lefty academics'

11/11/15 Independent: EU to ban West Bank companies labelling their products 'made in Israel'

9/11/15 +972: How the government rewards its most violent settlers

7/11/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron

3/11/15 Eyewitnessblogs: Permission to Work

1/11/15 Al Jazeera: Israel legalises hundreds of settler homes in West Bank

31/10/15: UNRWA: Gaza Sitution Report 116

30/10/15 Middle East Monitor: When all was ‘calm’: a typical month for Palestinians under Israeli occupation

30/10/15 +972: PHOTOS: Israeli Border Police assault, pepper spray Palestinian journalists

25/10/15 Ma'an News Agency: Jerusalem Palestinian loses eye after indiscriminate Israeli fire

24/10/15 B'Tselem: Military bombs Hassan family home in a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza, killing pregnant woman and toddler

24/10/15 Washington Post: We are lifelong Zionists. Here’s why we’ve chosen to boycott Israel.

18/10/15 PSC: This is how the BBC constructs its biased news reports

18/10/15 Middle East Monitor: Israel to build new security fence on Gaza border

17/10/1 Guardian: Israel must withdraw all settlers or face ICC, says UN report

17/10/15 Middle East Monitor: 42 Palestinians killed by Israeli army since October 1st

17/10/15 Jerusalem Post: 'If violence continues, Israel to begin banishing Palestinians to Gaza'

11/10/15 Haaretz: LIVE UPDATES: 332 Palestinians Said Wounded in West Bank, East Jerusalem Clashes

11/10/15 Mondoweiss: Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel — says Israeli minister

10/10/15 Ma'an News Agency: 174 Palestinians shot by live, rubber bullets in West Bank, Jerusalem

9/10/15 Guardian: Moment woman is shot at bus station in Israel – video

9/10/15 Ma'an News Agency: Ministry: 14 Palestinians killed, 1,000 injured since Oct. 1

9/10/15 International Solidarity Movement: Gaza – a bloody Friday

6/10/15 PLO: Statement of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization

6/10/15 Middle East Monitor: Israeli settlers attack iconic mosque in Jaffa

6/10/15 MAP: Palestinians injured and ambulances attacked as clashes hit West Bank

5/10/15 Guardian: Is a third Palestinian intifada on the way – or has it already begun?

30/9/15 Haaretz: Israel Intends to Authorize Five West Bank Outposts

29/9/15 +972: Polls: Israelis despair of peace, Palestinians have other priorities

23/9/15 Ma'an News Agency: Hebron teen laid to rest as witness refutes Israeli account of killing

21/9/15 Electronic Intifada: Israelis celebrate video of sniper shooting Palestinian youth

21/9/15 IMEMC: Army Carries Out A Limited Invasion In Northern Gaza

21/9/15 International Solidarity Movement: Israeli forces violently attack demontrants in Kafr Qaddum

13/9/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel deprives hunger striker treatment for chronic brain condition

13/9/15 +972: Labeling settlement goods only strengthens the occupation

7/9/15 Guardian: Israel plans to demolish 13,000 Arab buildings in West Bank, UN says

6/9/15 +972: In five-year high, Israel demolishes 143 Palestinian structures in single month

30/8/15 Haaretz: U.S. Industrial Union Votes to Endorse BDS

30/8/15 Ma'an News Agency: Settlers set up checkpoint, inspect Palestinian vehicles near Salfit

29/8/15 Electronic Intifada: Israel reveals “delegitimization department” to spy on boycott activists

29/8/15 Newsweek: Foreign investment in Israel drops by 50%

26/8/15 Monoweiss: Racism is part of the landscape in the southern Israeli town of Dimona

23/8/15 IMEMC: PCHR Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the oPt (13- 19 August 2015)

23/8/15 Ma'an News Agency: Monitor: Settlers attack Palestinian farmers in southern Nablus

23/8/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel begins construction on ruins of Negev Bedouin village

20/8/15 Samidoun: Breaking News: Reports state Muhammad Allan has ended his strike after decision of the Israeli Supreme Court

16/8/15 Palestine News Network: Israeli tanks open fire on Gaza farmers

5/8/15 Al Jazeera: Gaza: A life under occupation

11/8/15 Mondoweiss: Gaza reconstruction finally begins over a year after Israeli attack

10/8/15 +972: Israeli doctors versus the state in showdown over force-feeding

10/8/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli settlers set fire to large swathes of land near Nablus

9/8/15 Electronic Intifada: Listen: Palestinians deserve right to return, says British MP Jeremy Corbyn

8/8/15 The Nation:  The Gaza Strip’s Last Safety Net Is in Danger

7/8/15 Days of Palestine: Cattle died after Israel cut water off WB village

5/8/15 Middle East Monitor: Ofer Military Courts – A hidden portrait of the physical and psychological occupation of Palestinian youths

26/7/15 Independent: Mavi Marmara: Judges call for new investigation into deaths of activists on Gaza blockade ship

26/7/15 MIMEC: Many Palestinians Injured In Al-Aqsa Mosque

24/7/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel advances 1,065 settlement housing units

23/7/15 Al Jazeera: Stifling freedom of expression in UK schools

22/7/15 IMEMC: Soldiers Conduct A Limited Invasion In Northern Gaza

21/7/15 Middle East Monitor: Knesset passes bill sentencing Palestinian stone-throwers to 20 years imprisonment

18/7/15 Haaretz: 'Black Friday': The day Israel officially adopted its 'anything goes' morality

14/7/15 +972: WATCH: Police shoot Palestinian man in face with sponge-tipped bullet

14/7/15 Independent: Video shows that Israelis shot Palestinian boy Mohammed Ali-Kosba in the back

13/7/15 Jewish Voice for Peace: Gaza Names Video. One year later.

10/7/15 Middle East Monitor: My painful memories, one year on

6/7/15 Independent: Gaza, a year on from Operation Protective Edge: No hope and no jobs, so the young risk their lives and run for it

4/7/15 Reuters: U.N. calls on Israel, Palestinians to prosecute Gaza war crimes

2/7/15 Independent: Britain still arming Israel despite fear weapons will be used against Gaza 1/7/15 Middle East Eye: Ramadan amongst the rubble of Gaza

29/6/15 Middle East Monitor: Israeli navy intercepts Freedom Flotilla

28/6/15 Electronic Intifada: Foreign investment in Israel plummets by half since Gaza massacre

28/6/15 Midle East Monitor: Freedom Flotilla III: Signs of success and hope

28/6/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel largest state user of explosive weapons in 2014 due to Gaza war

22/6/15 UNHCR: The United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict

21/6/15 Share Action: Shareholder concern amid security chaos: the G4S AGM

19/6/15 Middle East Monitor: UN chief criticises Israel for targeting children in Gaza

16/6/15 YouTube: Israel’s ultranationalist right: settlers on the march

16/6/15 Independent: Israel accused of 'war crime' over bulldozing of Palestinian olive groves

12/6/15 Channel 4: Gaza child deaths – the view from the shoreline

8/6/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel says China demands no workers in settlements

4/6/15 Middle East Monitor: Arab League to seek new UN Security Council resolution on Palestine

1/6/15 Ma'an News Agency: Lawyer: Palestinian children facing torture in Israeli jails

1/6/15 Stop The War: Palestinians betrayed: why there was no FIFA vote to kick Israel out of world football

27/5/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel launches strikes across the Gaza Strip

26/5/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel to demolish electricity grid, water well in Hebron village

26/5/15 Middle East Eye: Water in Gaza: A 'not-too-distant' calamity

26/5/15 Guardian: Israel faces Fifa suspension over claims it discriminates against Palestinians

21/5/15 Defense for Children International: Life after a live ammunition fatality: Nawara family

14/5/15 Electronic Intifada: Will Israelis filmed killing Palestinian teens on Nakba Day get away with murder?

9/5/15 Independent: Israel ‘is racist from the bottom up’: country's Ethiopian Jews take a stand

3/5/15 Middle East Monitor: When law is the target: Israel's campaign will whitewash war crimes everywhere

2/5/15 The Elders: Returning a normal life to Gazans

27/4/15 Middle east Monitor: Attacks on Gaza: January - March 2015 (a period in which there were no Hamas rockets fired)

26/4/15 Ma'an News Agency: Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes in East Jerusalem

24/4/15 Electronic Intifada: Israeli lies go unchallenged on BBC’s flagship current affairs show

18/4/15 Haaretz: Supreme Court rules: Israel can confiscate Palestinian property in Jerusalem

10/4/15 If You Only News: Times of Israel Pulls ANOTHER Article Calling For Genocide Against Palestinians (SCREENSHOTS)

4/4/15 Ma'an News Agency: 500% increase in Palestinians detained without trial in 2015

3/4/15 972: Israeli fakes own kidnapping, Palestinians pay the price

29/3/15 Ma'an News Agency: Settlers destroy 1200 Palestinian olive trees near Hebron

28/3/15 Electronic Intifada: Video: Israeli night raids on sleeping Palestinian children

24/3/15 BBC: Israel accused at UN over Gaza war casualties

20/3/15 UNRWA: Gaza Situation Report 84

15/3/15 Huffington Post: Palestinian Authority Wants Avigdor Lieberman Arrested For Endorsing Murder Of Arabs

26/2/15 JfJfP: IDF’s official doctrine of creating maximum terror and destrcution

24/2/15 Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall campaign: Dogs are Surrounding their House

22/2/15 Middle East Monitor: How Britain’s pro-Israel lobby invests in young parliamentary candidates

20/2/15 JfJfP: Multi-prong moves to squeeze all Palestinians out of Jerusalem

16/2/15 Mint Press News: Israeli Arrest Campaign Targets Palestinian Children

9/2/15 Electronic Intifada: Israel’s “open-fire policy” wiped out entire families in Gaza, says new study

9/2/15 Haaretz: Israel preparing major expansions in four West Bank settlements

7/2/15 JfJfP: Elbit’s USP – we’ve tried it on the Palestinians

7/2/15 Press TV: Israel PM orders demolition of 400 Palestinian homes

2/2/15 Middle East Monitor: Israel kills another Palestinian in the West Bank, after bloodiest year in a decade

1/2/15 Al Jazeera: Q&A: 'Israel is persistent in its criminality'

30/1/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israel 'systematically mistreats' Palestinian children in custody

28/1/15 Haaretz: IDF broke international law in dozens of Gaza war strikes, Israeli rights group says

27/1/15 JfJfP: Military court imprisons youngest child ever

27/1/15 Ma'an News Agency: Hundreds protest across West Bank calling for boycott

23/1/15 JfJfP: Heads they lose, tails they lose; property tax trumps the law

21/1/15 JfJfP: Israel breaks all its own rules in attack on Gaza

20/1/15 Ma'an News Agency: Palestinians in Israel declare national strike after police deaths

18/1/15 Alternet: How Israel Covers Up Its Ugly Racial Holy War

17/1/15 Ma'an News Agency: ICC prosecutor opens probe into war crimes against Palestinians

16/1/15 UNRWA: Gaza Situation Report 75

16/1/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces destroy Palestinian wheat fields near Bethlehem

15/1/15 Middle East Monitor: Israel approved the construction of 16,716 housing units in 2014

10/1/15 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot 2 Palestinian youths with live fire in Burin

5/1/15 Independent: When will Palestinians learn? Turning to international law isn't the answer — just ask America and Israel

3/1/15 Middle East Eye: Israeli forces stage limited incursion into Gaza

2/1/15 Al Jazeera: Palestinians submit application to join ICC

2/1/15 Middle East Monitor: Israeli settlers uproot 6,000 olive saplings near Ramallah

1/1/15 Mondoweiss: Fireworks in Ramallah, as Abbas signs treaty to join International Criminal Court

31/12/14 Electronic Intifada: Killing 40 civilians in one go is “reasonable,” says Israel army ethicist

30/12/14 Al Jazeera: UNSC rejects resolution on Palestinian state

29/12/14 World Bulletin: Palestinians to submit resolution for U.N. statehood bid

27/12/14 Oximity: Camps Without Water: Legal Report on the Cutting of Water to Yarmouk and Deraa Palestinian Refugee Camps in Syria

27/12/14 Electronic Intifada: How New York Times conceals Israeli violence against Palestinians

24/12/14 Ma'an News Agency: Israel approves 380 new East Jerusalem settler homes

24/12/14 Electronic Intifada: BBC’s Kafkaesque response to complaint over Gaza coverage

23/12/14 Ma'an News Agency: Erekat: UN to vote on Palestine bid before end of year

23/12/14 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces suppress Christmas march in Bethlehem

22/12/14 Electronic Intifada: Prisoner from Gaza barred from seeing son for nine years

22/12/14 Independent: Israel-Palestine conflict: Four months after the bombardment, Gaza's wounds are yet to heal

17/12/14 PSC: Message from Maxine Peake: please support PSC

17/12/14 European Parliament votes 498-88 to recognise the Palestinian State

15/12/14 Mondoweiss: As Kerry and UN press on occupation, Netanyahu sees a ‘diplomatic assault’

15/12/14 NY Times: Signs of recognition

13/12/14 JfJfP: Jim Crow laws that govern Palestinian life

10/12/14 Ma'an: 10,000 dunams 'slated for confiscation' in Jordan Valley

6/12/14 Ma'an: Settlers cut down '50 olive trees' in Nablus village

6/12/14 Mondoweiss: Living in the aftermath: Palestinians in Gaza struggle under the siege to rebuild

5/12/14 IMEMC: Dozens of Settlers Storm Al Aqsa Mosque

26/11/14 PSC: What the media won’t tell you about East Jerusalem

23/11/14 Ma'an News Agency: HRW: Punitive Israeli house demolitions a 'war crime'

23/11/14 PSC: Palestinians facing upsurge in Israeli repression

21/11/14 Haaretz: Israel’s bridge to the Arab world: Palestinian natural gas?

21/11/14 Ma'an News Agency: Ministry: 36,000 Palestinians stranded amid month-long Rafah closure

19/11/14 Times of Israel: Border policeman’s remand extended over deadly shooting

17/11/14 Middle East Monitor: Lieberman: Israel will never stop settlement building in Jerusalem

17/11/14 Ma'an News Agency: Palestinian driver found hanged inside Israeli bus

Independent: Israel bars outspoken Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert from entering the Gaza Strip

International Business Times: Israel: 92% of Jewish Hate Crimes Against West Bank Palestinians Never Brought to Justice

Haaretz: Policeman faces murder charge in Nakba Day shooting of Palestinian teen

Ma'an News Agency: Israel to confiscate 3,200 acres of Palestinian land near Jerusalem

PSC: What the media won’t tell you about East Jerusalem

Guardian: Israel accused of war crimes during campaign in Gaza

PSC: Parliament scrutinises arms exports

Ynetnews: Gaza cut off from the world as Israel, Egypt close border crossings

Ma'an News Agency: Arab League to hold emergency meeting Sunday

+972: Palestinians watch harvest season disappear before their eyes

IMEMC: Settlers Prepare To Expand illegitimate Settlement Near Salfit

The National: How Israel is turning Gaza into a super-max prison

PressTV: Gazans criticize Egypt for closing Rafah border crossing

Guardian: Israeli president warns on Arab-Jewish relations

B'Tselem: Minister of Defense not content with moving Palestinians to the back of the bus, means to keep them off entirely

AlterNet: Evidence Emerges of Israeli “Shoot To Cripple” Policy In the Occupied West Bank

Arutz Sheva: Is Israel Moving Closer to Full Sovereignty in Judea-Samaria?

Ma'an News Agency: PLO to submit UN resolution on occupation by end-Oct

Al Jazeera: Palestinian boy shot dead by Israeli forces

IMEMC: Settlers Storm The Ibrahim Mosque In Hebron

Ma'an News Agency: Israeli navy opens fire, sinks Palestinian fishing boat off Gaza coast

UK Parliament votes 274-12 to ask the government to recognise the state of Palestine

BBC: Sweden to recognise Palestinian state

Middle East Monitor: UN calls on Tel Aviv to lift the siege of the Gaza Strip

NY Times: How Israel Silences Dissent

AlterNet: Israel Is Put on Trial for War Crimes

Russell Tribunal: Testimony of Eran Efrati

Electronic Intifada: Gaza medics go door to door to treat thousands of war wounded

Guardian: Fatah and Hamas agree deal for unity government to take control of Gaza

+972: How the army helps settlers establish illegal outposts

Alray Media Agency: Palestinians injured as escorted Israelis storm Al-Aqsa

JTA: Senate approves enhanced U.S.-Israel cooperation bill

Telegraph: If the UK recognises Palestine, so will others

Electronic Intifada: BBC’s new "Head of Statistics" twists casualty figures to whitewash Gaza massacre

Middle East Monitor: Israeli occupation forces destroy water networks and launch assault on farmers

Jews for Justice: This is not self-defence. It is offence. (Dr Mustafa Barghouti's speech to PSC activists)

Ma'an News Agency: HRW: Israel likely to have committed Gaza war crimes

Ma'an News Agency: Palestinians condemn plan to forcibly transfer thousands of Bedouins

+972: Leading Israeli human rights group stops cooperating with IDF

Jews for Justice: Having wrecked Gaza, Israel alone profits from reconstruction

Middle East Monitor: Israel keeping Gaza siege despite deal: Official

Mondoweiss: As world watched Gaza, Israel announced 1472 new settlements in West bank (they mean 1472 new homes)

Israel National News: 4,000 Dunams in Judea and Samaria to Become State Land (that's another 988 acres of Palestinian land stolen)

Ma'an News Agency: Analysts say boycott could have major effect on Israeli economy

Middle East Monitor: 'Crossings will open without demilitarisation'

Channel 4: Israel and Hamas agree Gaza ceasefire

Reuters: Turkish shipbuilder Karadeniz to send floating power station to Gaza

Channel 4: Israeli military flattens Gaza tower block
(NB: targeting non-military buildings is contrary to the Geneva Conventions)

Jews for Justice: Israel exports its own definition of war crimes

OCHA: Occupied Palestinian Territory:Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 21August2014, 08:00 hrs)

Archbishop Tutu: My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

Middle East Eye: Israel's spinning moral compass

Haaretz: Israel bars Amnesty, Human Rights Watch workers from Gaza

Telegraph: Israeli attacks on Gaza families must be investigated as war crimes, say human rights groups

PressTV: Humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza Strip: Officials

+972: PHOTOS: Israeli forces kill Palestinian and bulldoze his family house

Ma'an News Agency: Israel releases 3 Gazans captured during ground assault

Jews for Justice: The case for the charge of genocide

Friends of Al-Aqsa: Tutu backs Israeli-settlement funding boycott

Counter Current News: Israel BANS Peace Protests

Jews for Justice: Israeli court and state rule that children’s deaths too controversial to publicise

NY Post: Netanyahu asks US to help Israel avoid war crime charges

Electronic Intifada: BBC agrees to air Gaza charity appeal after getting Israel’s permission

Reuters: Palestinian shift brings war crimes case closer to Israel

Spain stops arms sales to Israel (see, e.g. the Independent's story)

Daily Beast: Israeli General: No Civilians in Gaza

Middle East Monitor: UNICEF: Israel deliberately killed 264 Palestinian children in Gaza

HRW: Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill Fleeing Civilians

Independent: Israel-Gaza conflict: Turkish PM says Israel 'will drown in the blood it has shed' in heated condemnation

Independent: Israel-Gaza conflict: Ex-soldiers reveal the pressure they are put under by their superiors - and question the IDF’s commitment to leaving the unarmed unharmed

IMEMC: Joint Declaration by International Law Experts on Israel’s Gaza Offensive

Independent: The World tells Israel: 'Enough!"

Jon Snow: The Children of Gaza

Robert Fisk: Eight hundred dead Palestinians. But Israel has impunity.

Al-Haq: An Open Letter from Al-Haq to the Media on “Operation Protective Edge”

Laurie Penny: As Israel’s assault on Gaza intensifies, it is not anti-Semitic to say: not in my name

ABC: Israeli troops should have been able to tell slain Gaza children not Hamas members, colonel says

Independent: The myth of Hamas’s human shields

World Bulletin: Gaza doctor to Obama: Do you have a heart?

Bar Human Rights Committee: BHRC supports calls for immediate ceasefire to halt Israel’s military assault on the Gaza Strip

Independent: Israeli tanks 'shell Gaza hospital' killing at least four and wounding 60 - including 30 medical staff

Jonathan Miller (C4 News): Gaza: ‘I feel like this is the last battle’

Al-Akhbar: Israeli attack kills seven children as Gaza death toll tops 500

ABC News: PLO's Hanan Ashrawi: 'Deliberate Massacre' in Gaza

IMEMC: Israel Drops Cancer-inducing Bombs on Gazans

Izzeldin Abuelaish: As a father who lost his children in Gaza, I call for an end to this bloodshed

BDS: Palestine campaigners welcome Dublin City council motion calling for end to attacks on Gaza & for arms embargo and trade sanctions on Israel

There are unconfirmed reports on Twitter of white sulphur being used by the Israelis invading Gaza, and of attacks on ambulances and first-responders.
[Later: no further reports of white sulphur, so this may be presumed not to be true]

17/7/14 (but dating back to 5/2/14)
The Jerusalem Fund: Israel/Gaza Cease-Fire Dynamics Breakdown

Noam Chomsky: Gaza’s Torment, Israel’s Crimes, Our Responsibilities

Independent: The Israeli offensive in Gaza isn't an attack on Hamas, it's an attack on peace

Channel 4 News: 'The Israeli military does not target civilians' - video

Guardian: Witness to a shelling: first-hand account of deadly strike on Gaza port

Electronic Intifada: Palestinian factions reportedly set 10 conditions for 10-year truce with Israel

Independent: As an ex-soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces, I've seen how shockingly we treat Palestinians

Al Wafa hospital under attack (this is a war crime - clearly deliberate as a warning was given)
Channel 4: Live from Gaza: at El-Wafa hospital under fire

OCHA: Gaza emergency: situation report (as of 13 July 2014, 1500 hours)

Haaretz: Israel showed restraint in Gaza before attacking? You must be kidding

Electronic Intifada: Supplies exhausted at Gaza hospitals, but not medical workers’ commitment

Death toll now reported as 156, with 1170 injured. Amnesty International calls for a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel.

BBC News gives over 130 deaths now, of whom 77% (UN figure) are civilians, and about a quarter children. A care home for the disabled has been hit.

President Mahmoud Abbas has officially requested the Swiss government to convene the High Contracting Parties for the Geneva Conventions.

Independent: The true Gaza back-story that the Israelis aren’t telling this week

Egyptian Streets: Egypt opens border crossing for injured Palestinians as death toll rises to 75

Guardian: IDF's Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis

Kamel Hawwash: British media coverage of attack on Gaza biased and disservice to British public

Samidoun: Mass arrests continue as occupation kills 34 in Gaza

Owen Jones: 'Israel under renewed Hamas attack', says the BBC. More balance is needed

Window into Palestine: Urgent message from Dr. Mona Al-Farra in Gaza

Ma'an News Agency: 7 Palestinians killed, 25 injured in airstrike on southern Gaza

Haaretz: 12 more EU countries warn against trade with Israeli settlements

PHROC Joint Open Letter to the EU High Representative regarding Collective Punishment of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during Operation Brothers’ Keeper

Media Lens: Some Deaths Really Matter – The Disproportionate Coverage of Israeli And Palestinian Killings

Independent: World Cup 2014: Algeria to donate $9m World Cup prize money to people of Gaza, because ‘they need it more than us’

Human Rights Watch: Israel: Serious Violations in West Bank Operations

Some rare items of good news to counter the Israeli assault on Gaza: (1) Brighton Sodastream outlet closes down after months of protests (2) John Lewis announce they will cease stocking Sodastream too (3) Unite the Union backs Palestinian rights

PSC: Statement on death of 3 Israelis

Addameer: ICC: Hold Israel Accountable for its Human Rights Violations

UNESCO group votes to protect ancient Palestinian terraces from Israel’s wall

An appeal to the Quartet on the Middle East to sack Tony Blair

Longest hunger striker rearrested by Israel

His name was Nadim Nuwara

International media ignore Israel’s abduction of Palestinian teens

Palestinians appeal to world for intervention over 'Israeli violations'

Israeli army enacts curfew near Nablus and raids eight major West Bank cities

EU bans poultry exports from illegal Israeli settlements

Ten years after world court ruling, widening the crack in Israel’s wall

G4S hires pro-Israel professor to whitewash war crimes

Israeli hospital doctors say they will force-feed shackled Palestinian hunger strikers

Israel presses ahead with law allowing force-feeding of Palestinian prisoners

Guardian letters from Archbishop Tutu and others, and 14 MPs and others call for G4S to end its complicity in abuse of child prisoners

G4S to be investigated following LPHT complaint relating to alleged Israeli human rights violations

Up to 80,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem without running water for three months

Israel to ‘evict the dead’ in Bedouin village demolished over 60 times

Latest UN figures on the increase in fatalities and injuries caused by Israeli Security Force

Unlawful killing of two Palestinian teens outside Ofer

Rachel Corrie's family to have case reheard in Israeli supreme court

5,100 Palestinian prisoners to go on hunger strike Thursday

Israel’s relentless persecution of the Issawi family

Yet another betrayal of the Palestinians
Robert Fisk on Obama's abandonment of the peace process

Tens of thousands of Palestinians without water for over a month

Israel to confiscate vast area of Bethlehem village land

UNHCR reaffirms the primacy of human rights for the Palestinian people

A Palestinian has been killed every 4.2 days in 2014

UN committee calls for action against Israel's growing racism

BBC awards contract to G4S rival
The company that provides security in Israeli prisons loses out. 18-3-14
Cameron's outrageous speech to the Knesset

Update of Israeli violations since the resumption of violations
A PLO report  demonstrates how Israel persistently derails talks by violations of international law and human rights.

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