Settlement Goods
Most supermarkets still sell produce from the illegal Israeli settlements. Sainsbury's are the worst offenders and the subject of a campaign to make them desist. Settlement produce sold includes: citrus fruits, mangoes, medjoul dates, lemon grass, some other fresh produce (e.g. peppers), soda, dips and humus.

Please do not buy these.

There are also many products from Israel itself. We recommend that you avoid these too. They include:
oranges, grapefruit, avocados, strawberries, thyme, tarragon, parsley, coriander, rosemary, passion fruit, sharon fruit, ‘Shelly’ mangoes, medjoul dates, lychees, fresh figs, plums, fruit juice, minneola (tangerines), potatoes (‘Desiree’, ‘Vivaldi’, ‘Rooster’, white, baking, baby, salad), sweet potatoes, peppers (‘Ramiro’), pickled cucumbers, pickled olives, radishes, ‘Splendid’ flowers, ‘Basics’ flowers, ‘Saveur Mediterranean’ hummous, turkey, smoked chicken breast, Rumples party pretzels, Osem croutons, Telma chicken soup mix and soups, feta cheese, Tivall vegetarian food range, ‘Food for Thought’ dips, table wine (red, white, rosé & sparkling), Kiddush wine and Yarden wine and Osem foods.


Sodastream is an Israeli manufacturer of home carbonation systems and refill components. They promote themselves as as an eco-friendly business. But their products are far from ethical and sustainable. Instead, they profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestine
through the theft of Palestinian resources, occupation of Palestinian land and exploitation of Palestinian labour. SodaStream seem determined not to become the next Ahava (whose flagship London store was forced to close following protests). We are equally determined that they not be allowed to profit from their support for an apartheid regime.

The Enfield Town department store Pearsons for a time included a display of Sodastream products. One of our first acts after the formation of the group was to write to Pearsons pointing out the unethical stance of Sodastream. The display has now been removed, though it is unclear whether that was as a result of our action.

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