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Our aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people and to take actions that put pressure on Israel to stop the abuses of human rights committed against the Palestinians on a routine basis.

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20/10/16 Middle East Monitor: UN official: Israel has tightened Gaza blockade, pursued demolition wave in West Bank

19/10/16 Middle East Monitor: ‘Overwhelming majority’ or Palestinian minors tortured in Israeli jails

16/10/16 Al Jazeera: 'Bad Palestinians' under Israel's collective punishment

12/10/16 Middle East Monitor: Official urges UN to end links with businesses complicit in Israeli settlements

12/10/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces shoot, injure dozens on 4th day of violent raids into al-Ram

11/10/16 Al Haq: Facts on the ground

9/10/16 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 20 September – 03 October 2016

7/10/16 Haaretz: Bennett: We Must Act Now and 'Give Our Lives' for the Annexation of the West Bank

6/10/16 Mondoweiss: ‘An attack on local democracy’: UK gov’t and Spanish High Court issue decisions against BDS

5/10/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces level lands, trees in Hebron-area village

5/10/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli air force, army hit targets in Gaza after rocket falls in Sderot

3/10/16 Middle east Monitor: Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim worshipers

1/10/16 i24News: Israel approves 300 new West Bank settlement homes after Amona demolition order

30/9/16 Middle East Monitor: PA calls on UN to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes

30/9/16 DCI Palestine: Israeli forces shoot rubber-coated metal bullet at boy’s head

28/9/16 Ma'an News Agency: Israeli authorities carry out spate of demolitions across occupied territory

21/9/16 Middle East Monitor: Israeli officials admitted Geneva Conventions violations, secret documents reveal

19/9/16 Al Jazeera: US aid deal 'significant reward' for Israeli right

16/9/16 Al Jazeera: UN chief slams Netanyahu over 'ethnic cleansing' remark

16/9/16 Middle East monitor: Jerusalem mayor boasts of collective punishment of city’s Palestinians

14/9/16 Middle East Eye: Israel's 'apartheid wall' inspires more violence than it deters


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