Welcome to the Enfield Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Our aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people and to take actions that put pressure on Israel to stop the abuses of human rights committed against the Palestinians on a routine basis.

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5/3/18 Haaretz: Opinion We Cannot Ignore the Baby From the West Bank

5/3/18 OCHA: Protection of Civilians Report | 13 - 26 February 2018

4/3/18 Al Araby: Israeli forces shoot dead 59-year-old Palestinian farmer in Gaza

2/3/18 PSC: A statement on Prince William’s visit to Palestine and Israel.

28/2/18 Haaretz: New Footage: Israeli Army Shot Palestinian, Left Him Without Medical Care for 20 Minutes

25/2/18 Haaretz: To Leave Gaza, Israel Asks Palestinian Minors to Commit They Not Return for a Year

23/2/18 DCI Palestine: Israeli forces kill two teenagers on Gaza Strip border

22/2/18 Almasdar News: BREAKING: Gaza declares state of emergency

22/2/18 Haartez: U.S. Ambassador Warns Jewish Leaders: Israel Could Risk Civil War if Settlements Dismantled

22/2/18 DCI Palestine: WATCH: After arrest and transfer, Palestinian children in Israeli military custody undergo pre-trial interrogation.

15/2/18 BDS: Is Israel an Aparthid state?

14/2/18 B'Tselem: January 2018: Israeli soldiers kill 5 Palestinians, 4 of them teenagers, without justification

13/2/18 OHCHR: UN rights experts alarmed by detention of Palestinian girl for slapping Israeli soldier

9/2/18 Haaretz: Opinion It's Every Israeli's Moral Duty to Resist the Occupation

5/2/18 Mondoweiss: No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn’t help peace

4/2/18 DCI Palestine: Israeli forces kill Palestinian child from close range, shoot others

3/2/18 IPS: BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

2/2/18 DCI Palestine: Year-in-review: Worst abuses against Palestinian children in 2017

30/3/18 +972: Ireland to vote on settlement trade sanctions bill

24/1/18 B'Tselem: Over 7,000 people collectively punished: Israel imposes harsh restrictions on access to village of Hizma

15/1/18 OCHA: The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | December 2017

9/1/18 B'Tselem: Not only in Iran: Israeli troops fire live ammunition during protests against Trump’s declaration, killing 10 Palestinians and injuring hundreds

9/1/18 Electronic Intifada: Is Israel testing new types of tear gas in Bethlehem?


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