Welcome to the Enfield Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Our aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people and to take actions that put pressure on Israel to stop the abuses of human rights committed against the Palestinians on a routine basis.

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21/2/17 Independent: Elor Azaria: Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months in jail for shooting dead wounded Palestinian attacker

18/2/17 Al Jazeera: Gaza doctor seeks justice in Israeli court

16/2/17 Electronic Intifada: Congresswoman tells Netanyahu to end abuse of Palestinian children

14/2/17 B'Tselem: 2016 sees Israel demolish record number of West Bank homes

13/2/17 Middle East Monitor: Israeli president slams land grab law

13/2/17 Guardian: The senseless capture of Palestinian land is now too late to stop

12/2/17 Middle east Monitor: Israeli minister: The era of the two-state solution is over

11/2/17 palestine Chronicle: Israel Bans Delivery of Anaesthesia Gas to Gaza Hospitals

10/2/17 Huffington Post: What On Earth Is Going On In The West Bank - And How Are We Letting It Happen?

7/2/17 Al jazeera: Israeli torture of Palestinian children 'institutional'

6/2/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israel airstrikes in Gaza injure Palestnian, after rocket falls in Israel

2/2/17 Al Jazeera: Gaza: '100,000 hours of isolation'

1/2/17 Ma'an News Agency: Israel greenlights 3,000 new settler homes hours after 'Legalization bill' approved

24/1/17 Guardian: Israel announces 2,500 more West Bank settlement homes

23/1/17 Haaretz: Chinese President Calls for East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State

22/1/17 Middle East Monitor: Israel’s head of building-law enforcement lives in illegal settlement outpost

22/1/17 Yahoo: Israel approves 566 east Jerusalem settler homes

21/1/17 Middle East Monitor: Belgium to arrest former Israeli FM for “war crimes”

9/1/17 Middle East Monitor: Settlers storm Palestinian town under Israel army protection

6/1/17 Owen Jones: Theresa May backing Donald Trump over Israel is a disgrace


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